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Fritz Neubauer

Naidia wrote:
During his testimonial (submitted in 1992 to the Shoah Project) Martin
mentioned being sent in 1944 to a Nazi munitions (slave labor) camp in
Friedland, Germany (near the Czech border). So far I've been unable to
find anything about that camp. All I know (>from listening to Martin's
testimony) is that after he'd been at Auschwitz for six weeks he heard
that a munitions factory in Friedland, Germany was "looking for mechanics"
and managed to get himself on the train >from Auschwitz to Friedland along
with 300 mechanics and two of his young friends. If anyone has any
information about the camp in Friedland, Germany and conditions there)
I'd appreciate hearing >from them.
Dear Naidia,

Through the two links below you can find out more about the "Arbeitslager
Friedland" in Upper Silesia (today situated in Poland with the Polish name
Mieroszów). The first link in German provides a history of the camp, it also
mentions the transport of September 8, 1944 with 300 Polish Jews. Let me
know if you need help with the German, although since the report was written
by Hermann Weiss >from the University of Michigan, there should be an English
version somewhere. It also mentions a book by Henry Slater with the title
"Why" about the experiences by a survivor of this camp that was published
in New York in 1991.

The second link is in Polish and also provides a history of this camp.

For further searches make sure to use "Arbeitslager Friedland", because
otherwise you will get many hits for the other, much more famous camp
Friedland that was used for many years for released German POWs and
expatriate Germans which is situated in Germany.,miejsca-martyrologii/23980,oboz-pracy-w-mieroszowie-arbeitslager-friedland/
[shortened URL: ]

I hope that helps

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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