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Gail Billow

Dear Genners,

After reading message #9, Soldier in U.S. Army in the European theater
of World War II, on the 1/26/12 JewishGen digest, I thought that the
group might be interested in the following articles:

Jewish soldiers faced many hardships during WWII

When Jews Were GIs: World War II and the Remaking of American Jewry

Gail Spiegel Billow, New Paltz, NY, USA

Trembowla: SPIEGEL, RINTEL; Chorostkow: BLECHER, SPIEGEL; Wieliczka:
SPIEGEL,Ulaszkowce, Jagielnica: ALLWEIL, TAJBER; Zbaraz: BIALAZURKER, =
GEIST Buczacz: KLANG; Lemberg/Lwow/Lviv: HIRSCH, TUMIN
Russia Biala Podlaska, Poland: BRODACH; Augustow, Poland: KAHAN
Linitz (Yiddish), Russian Empire (now Ilintsy, UA): PALTILOVICH,

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