Searching for descendants of Bianka HAMBURGER born LOEWENHERZ #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

Hi GerSIGers, I'd be grateful for help with what may be a challenging project.
I'm searching for living family of Bianka HAMBURGER, born Irma Bianca
Blume LOEWENHERZ, Berlin 1877 - Berlin 1942, wife of Ludwig HAMBURGER
Berlin 1867 - Berlin 1923.

She was a splendid and remarkable woman:
a leading light both in the Reform Jewish movement and in women's rights
and education, also Vorstand/director both of the Jewish Hospital and of
the Association of Jewish Nurses.

She tragically took her own life on the eve
of her scheduled deportation. A Stolperstein was laid for her in Berlin in
2011. More about her (in German) here: and here: https:=//

She was completely unknown to me until last weekend, when I discovered to
my delight that she and my maternal grandmother Lony RABL born
FRAENKEL (U u mlaut) were 2nd cousins (not yet recorded on the commercial
genealogy websites).

I'd love to make contact with any living descendants. The second of the links
above suggests that Bianka and Ludwig had three children who escaped the
Holocaust by emigrating. The only one I've found so far is Hilde STRAUSS
born HAMBURGER, Berlin 1909 - Israel 2006.

Hilde came to Palestine in the
early 1930s, still single, giving her profession as photographer and it's suggested that she and her husband
volunteered with the British Forces in North Africa during WW2. Yad Vashem
has a Page of Testimony she wrote for Bianka in 1973, when she gave an
address in Nahariya.

[There's a more famous Hilde STRAUSS also >from Nahariya, co-founder
with her husband of the very large STRAUSS food group:
but that one's a namesake, different birth name and different dates.]

Our Hilde is buried at Yarkon Cemetery in Petah Tikva - I've found a photo
of her gravestone there, via MyHeritage and but
I don't know whether she had children, much less grandchildren. And if she
indeed had siblings, so far I haven't identified them.

- Does anyone recognise any of this family?
- Here's a link to a photo of Bianka's Stolperstein being laid in 2011:
Who can identify anyone in the photo, especially family members?

All suggestions gratefully received!

Peter Lobbenberg, London, England peterlob@...

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