Re: Seeking family of Ludwig GOLDBERG, Frankfurt/Main #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

Dear Hans Martin,

Your difficulty may have arisen because Ludwig is recorded throughout
as Dr "Louis" GOLDBERG.

Louis/Ludwig's wife, almost certainly the mother of Berthold and Felix,
was Thesia Blanka Mathilde born FULD, born in Frankfurt on
23 September 1869, daughter of Ludwig FULD and his wife
Therese Babette born GOLDSCHMIDT. They married in Frankfurt on
10 August 1900.

The FULD family had emigrated to New York in October 1880, sailing from
Hamburg to New York on the ss Wieland: the passenger list shows Ludwig
aged 39, Therese 38, Felix 12, Blanka 11, Isaias 9 and Oskar 4.

By the time of her marriage to Ludwig/Louis, Thesia - - or perhaps she
was Blanka to her friends and family - - had evidently returned to Frankfurt,
and her mother had died.

Thesia/Blanka herself died in Frankfurt on 16 July 1912.

After a gap of some years, Dr Louis/Ludwig remarried. His second wife was
Olga Ida HOFFMANN, born ROSENBLATT. Olga was born in Hamburg-Rotherbaum on
16 July 1885, daughter of Eduard ROSENBLATT and his wife Rosalie Mathilde
born STRAUS, of Frankfurt. They married in Frankfurt on 7 September 1923.
Olga had previously been married on 15 June 1909 to Bernhard Louis HOFFMANN;
they had divorced earlier in 1923. She died in Frankfurt on 24 April 1929.

According to a Google search, Dr Ludwig GOLDBERG was a much-loved medical
practitioner in the Heddernheim area of Frankfurt. He ran his own private
museum there at Dillgasse 5 (one wonders what was in it!)

Peter Lobbenberg, London, England peterlob@...

Hans Martin Unger <hansmartin.unger@...> wrote:
Mr. Ludwig GOLDBERG, Frankfurt/Main, lived >from 2.7.1860 till 1945
I'm looking for his wife - name and birth date, date of death -
This couple had 2 sons:
Felix GOLDBERG born 28.8.1903 Frankfurt a/M- died in New York 1977
Berthold GOLDBERG, born 16.5.1901
Frankfurt/Main, died Monterrey-California 26.2.1987

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