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Join us for our monthly free Genetic Genealogy webinar!

What: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy at Family Tree DNA
Date: Thursday, February 9, 2012
Time: 1pm Eastern
(10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central, 6pm GMT, 8pm Israel)
Where: Your computer!

A recording of this webinar will also be available for those who cannot
attend live.


Advance registration recommended. To register for either the live session
or recording of this webinar, please visit:

*Introduction to Genetic Genealogy at Family Tree DNA*

What is Genetic Genealogy? What tests are available and which one should I
order? How much does a Genetic Genealogy test cost? Do I need to be a
geneticist to understand my results?

If you're a complete beginner to Genetic Genealogy and want the answers to
these questions and more, then this webinar is for you! Attendees will
learn about the history of genetic genealogy, be introduced to DNA basics,
learn about the different types of DNA tests available for genealogy, and
learn about resources that will help you make the most of your genetic
genealogy experience. Focus will be on the genetic genealogy tests offered
by JewishGen's DNA testing partner, Family Tree DNA.

*Discount >from Family Tree DNA*

Attendees of this webinar receive an exclusive, limited-time discount on
select new test kits and upgrades >from Family Tree DNA.

*What is a Webinar?*

Webinars are "web-based seminars" -- presentations given via the internet.
You attend >from the comfort of your own home, see and hear the presentation
via your own computer (or you can listen by phone if your computer doesn't
have speakers), and you can ask questions just like you can at an in-person


Elise Friedman
Relative Roots

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