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The first five USHMM collections in the World Memory Project have been
indexed and have yielded 1,000,000 names which are available on the web at
"World Memory Project". This does not mean that 1 million persons have been
identified, since a single name may appear in numerous documents. You may
access the names on the web and follow the procedures appearing on the
website to obtain copies >from the USHMM of any documents of interest. There
are no charges for either of these services. If you wish to test the system
simply search for Leo Lande (no relative).

The collections which have been indexed are:
Brest "passports" (60,000 names) as well as names taken >from the Soviet
Extraordinary Commission.
Persecution of Jews and Freemasons in the Ain region of France.
Postwar Czech Ministry of Social Welfare and Red Cross files relating to
German and Czech records relating to persecution of Jews and deportations to
Terezin and Poland.
Records relating to 85,000 persons registered with the JDC in Munich and
Vienna as well as JDC programs in Barcelona.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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