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After successfully, and with some of my fellow genners' help, I located
the RUDERMAN side of my paternal family.

I have attempted to find the COHEN family members with no success, and I
hope that someone can offer some suggestions.

I found the many phonetic matches and soundex matches and they are so numerous
that I don't know where to begin.

My grandmother's American name was Sarah E.(I think for Esther or Eske)
COHEN. She married Morris RUDERMAN on August 3, 1903 in Manhattan, but I
have no idea if they knew each other in Kraisk, where Morris/Moishe lived.

She said immigrated through Ellis Island in 1898 with her brother Jack
(maybe Yacob?) I believe that he was born in the 1890s and she was about
15 when she came.

She had another sister, Ceclia COHEN KAHN, who married a Herman KAHN and had
a daughter Dorothy in Haven, New York (about 1906). Dorothy went on to
married a WASSERMAN and have 2 daughters, Blossom and Sylvia. Ceclia died
either during or just after childbirth and the third sister, Eleanor
immigrated to help the young care for Dorothy sometime aorund 1906-1910.
Eleanor lived in Brighton Beach and died in the 70s in a car accident. She
never married.

After several searches for the aforementioned people, I am stumped and
could use some suggestions on how to proceed.

Thanks, in advance for any information.

Liz Ruderman Miller
Arroyo Grande, CA

researching - RUDERMAN (Kraisk) COHEN Russia
HILER, BORNSTEIN, HOFNUNG (Gritse/Grojec) Poland

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