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Moshe Schaeffer

So I just had a major break through in finding my great great grand
father's name. Regretfully, I found this right after my father died. And
now I am stuck again I found his name on his arrivel page at Ellis Island
on the Capethia arriving on Sept 24, 1903 stating his name was Solomon
SCHEWACH on all the Censes 1910, 20,30 his name is Louis SCHAEFER.

I am starting with two questions

1. How can I find when they chaged there last name and why?

2. Every document has a differnt place where they came from.How can I
figure out which is right so that I can start going back ?

His wife's name was Minna. their kids were: Ida and Tille born overseas,
Bessie ,Morris ,Sam born in U.S.A. When he ame to USA he went to his father
on the Lower east side of Manhatten (also trying to find when he came to
U.S.A. he had 12 children 6 came to U.S.A.).

Thank you for any help.
Moshe Schaeffer

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