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When I enter the given name Samuel in the "Given names database", I receive
a message that there are too many hits. How can I find the Hebrew/Yiddish
names for Samuel?

Also in the "Jewish Records Indexing for Poland" the columns are Surname,
Given Name, Year, Type, Akt...

What is "Akt?'


Mary Palladino

MODERATOR NOTE: Most databases on the JewishGen website include
"Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) or a similar explanatory document.
The JRI-Poland database, which is hosted by JewishGen for our sister
organization JRI-Poland, includes such a document, which is linked
from the JRI-Poland home page, <>. The answer to
your question is in item 7.

The extensive documentation for the JewishGen Given Names database,
which was created by the late Prof. Gerald Esterson, doesn't include a
simple answer to your question about the name Samuel. This database has
a particularly rich and complex structure, and suggestions about the
best way to navigate through it would be welcome.

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