Re: Samuel OPPENHEIMER-HEIDELBERG (died Vienna 1703) #germany

Ralph Baer

It has been about 30 years since I visited this problem. I am a descendant
of Gentille (Sandella) CARCASSONE and her first husband Moses Abraham ASTRUK
through their son Calmon ASTRUK, born about 1660 in Mannheim.

If I remember correctly, in the family tree "Die Familie Mayer
(Astruk)=Hirsch" in the Berthold Rosenthal, also on line on the Leo Baeck
Institute web site, there is a lengthy discussion of both of Gentille
CARCASSONE's marriages and the dates only make sense if those children of
Samuel OPPENHEIMER were not Gentille's.

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

Subject: Samuel OPPENHEIMER-HEIDELBERG (died Vienna 1703)

Sun, 16 Sep David Dubin <> wrote:
Please help me clear up a discrepancy.
Most online trees have the mother of the 'shtadlan' Samuel
OPPENHEIMER's children as Sandela (Gentille) de CARCASSONE (died 1705
in Vienna). However, Michael Berolzheimer's papers in the Leo Baeck
Institute (chapter 7 pp 84-87; pp 644-647 in the .pdf file, 683-686
for the English translation) states clearly several times that Sandela
was Samuel's second wife who only bore Samuel one daughter. He claims
that Samuel's first wife (name unknown, died 11 Mar 1673) was the
mother of his other children.
I cannot find Berolzheimer's footnotes anywhere in the file, so I
don't know the source. Does anyone have this information? Thank you.

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