Re: Samuel OPPENHEIMER-HEIDELBERG (died Vienna 1703) #germany

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer

Davidm Dubin asked about Samuel OPPENHEIMER

As far as I know, Berolzheimer had not footnotes, per se. He seems to
have copied a lot of his information >from public records.

My husband is a descendant of Samuel OPPENHEIMER's sister, Sarlan
OPPENHEIM (married Rabbi Isak BRILIN). This OPPENHEIM(er) (that family
used both forms of the name) line is in addition to Jim's Y-DNA
OPPENHEIMER line. I have the line of Sarlan (Oppenheimer) Brilin back
to Amschel Oppenheim, who lived in the early to middle 1500s, and my
husband's Oppenheimer line back to Jechiel Oppenheimer (died 1680 in
Worms). There is a certain amount of intermarriage between the lines,
and I have a theory that if I could find the ancestors of Jechiel, the
two lines would eventually have a common ancestor, but Jechiel seems
to be a dead end (some people claim some ancestors for Jechiel, but a
researcher in Worms tells me we have hit a dead end with him).

I would be happy to share the information I've collected on Sarlan and
Samuel OPPENHEIM(er)'s ancestors with you if you want it.

Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer, Hyde Park, NY

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