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I’msearching for a “lost” cousin, Michael Anthony PICARD, who was born
in England in 1947. His parents were Claus Wolfgang PICARD and (Hilde)
Inge(borg) GROSSMAN, both born in Berlin.

They lived in Welwyn Gardens and Bramley, Leeds, UK in the 1950s.
Claus’s parents (Michael Anthony’s grandparents), Dr. Ernst Jacob PICARD
and (Minna) Edith Eva RUSS, lived in London in the 1950s. Inge’s parents,
Dr. Fritz GROSSMAN and Gertrud Paula FRANK, lived in New York City.
Claus’s brother, Heinz Hellmuth PICARD, lived in Tel Aviv. Inge’s
brothers Herbert Otto GROSSMAN and Helmut/Henry GROSSMAN, lived in
Newark, NJ and Englewood, NJ.

Michael’s grandparents, Dr. Ernst Jacob PICARD and (Minna) Edith
Eva RUSS, escaped >from Berlin to Palestine in 1935, and later moved to
England. Edith was my father’s cousin. What she never knew was
that her sister, Charlotte Henriette RUSS HEILFRON, managed to escape
from Berlin to Ireland, where she and her family lived out their lives
in Dublin. Their only living brother, (Wolfgang) Guenter RUSS,
committed suicide during or after his 1943 deportation >from Berlin.
Each sister thought that she was the only surviving family member.

I have recently re-connected with Charlotte’s granddaughter in
Ireland. She had no idea that she had close cousins in the UK and the
US. But I have been unable to trace Michael Anthony PICARD, other than
two passenger records for 1947 and 1951 voyages >from England, with his
mother, to visit her parents in New York.

If this story, or any of these names sound familiar to you, please reply

Thanks very much. Ruth Nadelman Lynn, Lexington, MA

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