INTRO - Researching KRAMER family from Hoechst, Hesse-Nassau #germany

Tina Isaacs <tina.isaacsknox@...>

Dear GerSig members
I have been researching my and my husband's families on
for a few months. While I have managed to trace my paternal line
fairly well, I have hit a brick wall on an important part of my
maternal line -- my maternal grandmother's family. I'm probably on
the intermediate scale for doing research -- I have a PhD in history
so I understand the basic concepts, but have not done primary research
in geneology. I live in London, England and my native language is
English (I spent the first 40 years of my life in the US and am a dual
US/UK citizen).

My interest in tracing my German ancesters stems >from my interest in
becoming a German citizen (along with my daughter and son) because
once Brexit is in place we will lose our direct ties with the rest of
the EU. My mother's immediate family left Germany in July 1937 and I
have traced the ship on which they sailed to New York (my mother was
almost nine years old at the time). I have identified the names and
birth and death dates of both my grandparents, but have hit a brick
wall with my grandmother's parents, although I have their names (and
my great-grandmother's maiden name). I believe I have been more
successful in tracing back my maternal grandfather's relatives, mainly
thanks to others' research on My primary research goal
at the moment is to trace my maternal grandmother's family so I can
get a more complete picture. My JGFF Research ID number is 805695.
The family names that I have entered in the JGFF, with no luck
whatsoever, are Bernhard KRAMER and Jamen BLUMENTHAL >from Hoechst
during the period 1870 - 1937. I believe that my great-grandfather
had died prior to 1937, but I remember my great-grandmother >from when
I was very little in New Jersey. However, she is not on the ship
manifest that my mother and grandparents were on, so she must have
come to the US earlier or later (this is unlikely) than they did.

Regards, Tina Isaacs in the UK

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