Hamburg Passenger Lists Conundrum #germany

Jerry Zeisler <jzeisler@...>

My great-grandparents, Joseph and Irma ZEISLER, and their
three-month-old son Jeno, are listed on two Hamburg passenger lists
three days apart; March 29, 1881 and again on April 1, 1881. The
destination is the same, as is the port of arrival (Hull), but the ship
is different. The one on March 29, is the Flamingo, and the one on April
1, is the Hansa. Can anyone tell me why they would be listed on two
different ships heading for the same port three days apart? They would
have arrived in Hamburg >from Budapest.

In addition, and to add to my confusion, one person listed immediately
after the ZEISLERs is Tuso, Julia (29 year old spinster). She also shows
up on the second list, again, immediately after my family. However,
other passengers listed on the first ship (Flamingo) arrived in New York
on the City of New York, while my family (and Julia) arrived on The City
of Berlin.

I'm guessing that one of my family might have been sick after the
manifest was created and were required to seek medical attention in
town, or could it have been something else?'s All UK
Incoming Passenger List has no results for my family or for Julia Tuso
in 1881.

Any thoughts? Off list replies are welcome. Thanks!

Jerry Zeisler, Portland, Oregon USA

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