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Meron Lavie

Actually, this success story is a few months old - but I just remembered
that JewishGen encourages publishing them, so here goes:

I knew that my ggg-grandparents >from my all-maternal line came >from Buchach,
Ukraine (nee Buczacz, Galicia) and that their family names were BREINER and
MILLER. I knew next to nothing aside >from that.

One day last fall, going through the JewishGen site, I "discovered" that
there are lists of researchers by shtetl. So I figured, what could I lose?

I entered the Buchach page, and saw someone looking for "BREINER and
MILLER". I figured "this has got to be too good to be true" - but I sent out
an email anyway.

Well, lo and behold - this was indeed a relative - my 3rd cousin once
removed - via a ggg-aunt whom we never knew existed. He provided me with a
wealth of information - including pictures of my ggg-grandparents.

They live on the West Coast and I live I Israel - however his daughter (my
4th cousin!) will be studying in Israel next year. I have never met a 4th
cousin before.

So I guess the moral of the story is never give up and that sometimes,
things which are too good to be true are actually true!

Meron Lavie

MODERATOR NOTE: Congratulations! This is a wonderful outcome of sharing
research information on JewishGen. Those of us who have benefited >from
JewishGen should consider donating to the cause.

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