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Stephen Esrati wrote:

"The Palestine pound was not pegged to the British pound and was worth
slightly more. It was divided into 1,000 mils (Hebrew: grushim). 10 mils
was a piaster (grush). Some people called 25 mils a shilling."

Let's avoid some confusion.

The Ottoman lira (pound) was divided into 100 piasters or kurush. The
word kurush was adopted colloquially into Hebrew as grush.
The British mandate pound was divided into 1000 mils, known in Hebrew as
pruta, or prutot in plural. The words grush, piaster, continued to be used
colloquially during the British mandate.

A shilling was colloquially the sum of 50 mils or 5 grush. Thus there were
20 shillings in a pound, the same as in the old British pound before

Elan Caspi
El Cerrito, CA

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