Subject: Searching for Wilhelmine ZAGON #germany


I am searching for Wilhelmine ZAGON. I know very little about her except
that she married Johann HALLAY and that she was born 27 Jan 1880 in
Szymanki (now Poland, then Klein Schiemanen, Eastern Prussia, Germany).

He came >from Swietajno (now Poland, then Schwentainen, Eastern Prussia,
but later lived in Rotthausen, Gelsenkirchen / Germany. He was born 19.
Oct 1882. Both later on (+/- 1900 to 1920) lived in Rotthausen. And out
of (oral) family history I know, that the family originally came from
Hungary, a village (so I was told) that does not exist anymore.

At some time in history they converted to Evangelical (a "faked"
conversion?), but I don't know when.

Wilhelmine is the mother of Maria HALLAY born 10 March, 1904 in Rotthausen.
Maria married Joseph RUTTEN born 2 Nov 1900 in Rotterdam. They married 11
April 1925 in Eijgelshoven, The Netherlands.

The ="Meldeschein" I have >from Gelsenkirchen gives a history of places that
Maria lived and when between 1904 and 1927.
Send Email request to wselias@... and I will send a copy
of the complete history.

15.03.1904 - Rotthausen, Sedanstrasse 24 (at her parents)

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08.04.1926 - Kirchrat (Kerkrade, Netherland)

Maria was born 1927. She is the oldest of the children (with a twin sister).
So, theoretically she could have been married in 1925 but left her husband
for 4 years. But the whole story is very strange. Why did she do this? Why
did she leave her parents so often, and then came back? I am puzzled! The
0ther puzzle is the whereabouts of Wilhelmine HALLAY nee ZAGON, Maria's
I am searching for any insights into this family particularly the ZAGONs.
Thank you and best regards,

Walter S. Elias, Minneapolis, Minnesota, wselias@...

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