JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Do you ever leave someone off your tree? #general

Debby Gincig Painter

I agree that we are products of our family no matter the circumstances of these
relationships. There will always be people or situations that families are not
too proud of "acknowledging" but they are family nevertheless. For example, my
extended family trees include a sprinkling of mobsters, criminals, and very public
scandals. In addition, one family member had a child at a young age and her
daughter was placed for adoption. This was "not talked about" and those of us
of the younger generation knew nothing about it. A few years ago,they reconnected
and and she and her family are now included in family functions. We felt it
would have been wrong to leave them off the family tree and I have the "marital"
relationship listed as "other" with no other details. And finally, in the matter
of someone not wanted to be included on the trees,I simply indicate them as "Son"
married "Daughter" with the last names. That way in the future someone will know
there was another child in the family and, in the present, everyone is satisfied.
And as always, living persons' birth or marriage information is always listed as
private or unknown on my public website pages.

Debby Painter

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