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A number of British Jews went to Palestine 1945-1947 illegally, under
Alyah Bet. I gather a book is being written about that episode.

Harold Pollins
In a message dated 16/03/2012 19:49:36 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Would Jews carrying British passports have been allowed into Palestine
without restriction, or deduction >from the quota, post WWII, obviously
before the creation of Israel?
Would the British have automatically have given citizenship to an
immediate relative, who survived the Holocaust, e.g. a mother, of
Kindertransport children, who had acquired British citizenship by
naturalization during the war?
I have read the 1939 White Paper, and some references in Hansard to
Palestine, as well as the Mandate document, but I have yet to get a
clear answer. I thought maybe someone had come across these questions
during research.

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