JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Why So Few Vital records from Buchach, Ukraine? #general

Meron Lavie

Hi all,

I have lots of family >from Buchach, Ukraine (nee Buczacz, Galicia) who
definitely lived there >from at least the early 19th century until the late
19th century; yet I can find next to no records about them in any of the
JewishGen databases - despite the fact that I have very reliable information
about their names, years of birth, etc.

My g/f's family comes largely >from Rzeszow, Poland. One day, she asked if I
could try to find her relatives, so I went into those same JewishGen
databases. Within seconds I had scores of her relatives on my screen from
the early 19th century onward with unbelievable detail: names, dates of
birth, social security number, favorite color, preferred "easy-listening"
station - you name it. And not a relative was missing. This particularly
annoyed me because she isn't even into genealogy.

Now, aside >from my natural jealousy of her having far more dead relatives
than do I, I couldn't understand why the Rzeszow records were so complete,
but the Buchach records were so sparse. Did the Rzeszow town registrar have
OCD and the Buczacz town registrar was a functional illiterate?

Could it be that not all Buczacz microfilms have been entered into the

I'd appreciate getting an explanation for this.

Meron Lavie

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