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Ann Rabinowitz

Many of us research our rabbinic roots, but not to be forgotten are the
cantors/chazans in our families who added such beauty and enjoyment to the lives
of those they served. With the advent of the Internet and tools such as
YouTube, much can be read about and heard of those cantors of the past (and
present). Recently, whilst looking for something else, I happened to find
a YouTube piece,,
featuring the wonderful tenor voice of Chazan Misha Alexandrovich (1914-2002),
who was born in Berzpils, Latvia and passed away in Munich, Germany.

The YouTube piece, "Yiddish Lid" (Yiddish Song), not only provides the
opportunity to hear one of the great Jewish voices of the past, but has an
accompanying group of photos of the Yiddish world with Jews at prayer, at work,
at play and otherwise involved in their lives. Unfortunately, the photos are
not specifically identified, although some have Yiddish wording on the
buildings and English titles (such as one >from the town of Orla, Poland).

Alexandrovich was known as the "wunderkind". You may see more about him at:
and (Includes full songs >from four of his
albums at the FAU Judaica Sound Archives. One of these is a beautiful rendition
of "Kinderyorn" or childhood years). In addition, you may find further
recordings of Alexandrovich where he is listed as one of Three Yiddish Tenors:
Misha Alexandrovich, Moshe Koussevitzky and Leibele Waldman. He is also
included in Cantors in the Opera House such as Herman Jadlowker (Riga, Latvia),
Alexander Kipnis (Zhytomyr, Ukraine), Moshe Koussevitzky (Smargon, Lithuania),
Jan Peerce (New York City, family >from Gorodetz, Belarus), Joseph Schmidt
(Davidivka, Ukraine), Joseph Schwartz (Riga, Latvia), Yosef Shlisky (Ostrowiec,
Poland), Friedrich Schorr (Oradea, Romania), and Richard Tucker (New York City,
family >from Bessarabia, Romania).


Ann Rabinowitz

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