JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: ViewMate translations -- a few words of advice #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

In response to Martin Jacobs' "word of advice" re Viewmate translations -

Martin wrote: always remember that the translators are all unpaid
volunteers; they have not been hired by JewishGen to provide you with
this service.

I would also like to suggest that if anyone has a great deal of material
they wish (or need) to have translated they should consider hiring a
professional translator. (On occasion I see that someone has posted as
many as six "links" in Viewmate, which I considered unreasonable.)

Whenever I have a document I need translated - invariably a vital record
in Cyrillic (old Russian script) I make a copy and mail it a professional
researcher in New York City (someone I've used and relied on over the

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, California USA
Formerly of Birmingham, England

Researching (partial list)

DROZDIASZ: Karczew, Otwock, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (or variants of that name): Karczew, Otwock, Poland

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