JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Visa and Entry Requirements in 1939 (pre World War II) #general

David Laskin

Thanks to the help of several Genners, I tracked down the documents
pertaining to my relative's arrival in NYC on July 11, 1939. But
several new questions have arisen. The "states immigrant inspector"
form notes that my relative, Shalom Tvi, intended to stay in the US
for 3 months and then return to Poland; nonetheless, he was detained
for 2 days before being released to join his American family. The
"record of aliens held for special inquiry" notes the reason for
detention was "no immigrant visa" and in pencil someone wrote in "Bond
3 months." I know >from family letters that my GGF had to pay $50 to
get Shalom Tvi in -- so that must be the "bond." I'd appreciate any
clarification of the "bond" requirement and purpose and the immigrant
visa requirement. I don't see why he was detained or why an immigrant
visa was required since Shalom Tvi clearly stated he was here for only
3 months and then intended to return to Poland. All of these details
are fascinating and important to me because Shalom Tvi survived the
war only because he happened to come to the US in July, 1939 and war
broke out before his visa expired. His wife and two of his children
and four of his grandchildren remained in Poland and were killed in
the Shoah. David Laskin, Seattle, WA

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