JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: The Use of "Jr." by Jews #general

Alan Greenberg

Although Eastern European Jews tended to not name their children
after parents, the same can not always be said for those who
immigrated >from Germany in the mid-1800s.

However, you say that the father lived in a shtetl early in his life.
The family that you are referencing says that the father and his
parents were all born in Pennsylvania. Since the answers for his wife
are quite different, presumably the question was understood. Note
also that Harry Jr is reported to be born in Pennsylvania also.

Alan Greenberg
Montreal, Canada

Meron Lavie wrote:
snip...What is the likelihood that a Jew (born and living for his first
8 years of life in a shtetl), would call his son, born in NYC,
by the same name?

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