Rose GREENBAUM, b. 1893- Hungary > NY USA m. FUCHS #germany

Barrie Karp

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I'm seeking descendants of my grandmother, Rose GREENBAUM (or
GRUNBAUM). She was born August 14, circa 1893, probably in Hungary,
and lived in Munkacs with her parents until they sent her to NYC, US,
early 1900s for safety and to be raised by her half sister Julia -
(Julia FUCHS, >from Hungary, married to Israel FUCHS, >from Hungary,
soon known as Fox).

My grandmother, Rose GREENBAUM, married my grandfather, Abraham
Isaac WEISS (also >from Munkacs) in NYC in 1917. I knew her all my life.
She died December 1962. I don't know names of any of her siblings.

I was told her other siblings were sent to other countries for safety.
I don't know anything about them. In my research I have come across
some possible names of siblings, but I am unsure, and don't have proof or
ability to find living descendants.

I have photos of her parents, sent, apparently circa 1926, to my grandmother
in the US >from her mother, Ester BERKOWITZ GREENBAUM in Mukacevo, with
a note addressed generally to her children, implying to me that she
sent same to not just my grandmother but to other siblings elsewhere.

Translators told me the note, probably written in German, says: "As a
memory for my dear children >from your mother". She indicated on his
picture that her husband, my grandmother's father, had died, possibly
it says date of his death was February 3, 1926, but I don't know when
he died. The stamp on the bottom of each photo is Meisels Photography
in Munkacs. My grandmother's father was Benjamin GREENBAUM or
GRUNBAUM. My grandmother's mother was Ester BERKOWITZ GREENBAUM.

Possibly my grandmother's half sister was (if they had same father and
if his name Beny or Benjamin could be same as or in addition to Ignatz):

Julia GRUNBAUM, MOTHER: Rosa Schwarz FATHER: Ignatz BIRTH: 3 Jun 1878
- Miskolc, Borsod, Hungary CIVIL: Miskolc
Possibly these are records for my grandmother's father, that is,
father of Rose GREENBAUM WEISS:
Mukacevo HUNGARY. My great-grandfather. Parents - Sallamon GRUNBAUM
1811-1884 & Mali Kaufmann 1815-1892. Siblings: Sandor Grßnbaum
1843-1901; Betti GRUNBAUM 1845-1852; Johanka GRUNBAUM; 1848"?; Chure

I don't know if the following were my grandmother-s siblings, that is,
siblings of Rose GREENBAUM WEISS:

Malche GREENBAUM 1884; Chaje GRUNBAUM GREENBAUM 1891; David
GREENBAUM 1893-1944; lyke Ilyka GRUNBAUM GREENBAUM 1893; Hannah Razel

Thank you very much if you can help me find my grandmother's descendants.
I am not a beginner researcher.

Best wishes, Barrie Karp, NY, NY

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