Seeking Hanna JUDEL from Braunschweig and Braunschweig vital records #germany

joelle meyer <joelle.meyer24@...>

Dear Gersig members,

I am looking for information on the parents of Hanna JUEDEL (u umlaut),
the wife of Samson Raphael HIRSCH.

I know that Hanna was the daughter of Markus (Mordechai) JUEDEL.
She was born in Brunswick (Braunschweig) in 1805.
Based on my research on the Internet I understand she was the only
daughter of the banker or merchant Markus (Mordechai) JUEDEL.

Markus had 3 sons including JUEDEL Markus JUEDEL renamed Julius M=FChling.
The sons were all born in Peine a few kilometers away.

I saw that some people named Markus (Mordechai) JUEDEL as Mordechai
(JUEDEL) the Levite Oldenbourg. Could someone please be kind to explain
to me what it would mean ? why The Levite? Why Oldenbourg ?

The mother of Hanna is named Sara Sarchen Itzig (or Izig) and was born
In July 1765 in Peine. She died in 1814 in Braunschweig.
I did not find yet were Sara comes from. I thought that she could
be affiliated to another banker family, the Itzig >from Berlin but
I did not find anything that would prove it.

Would anyone have information or guide me in my research ?

More generally can someone tell me where I would find information
for Braunschweig and Peine and whom to contact if I want to see
the birth/wedding/death registars. Many thanks

Joelle Meyer >from Paris

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