German Jews who emigrated to England #germany

Ruth & Bruce Lynn <lynn33@...>


Does anyone have a suggestion for finding information on Jews who
emigrated to England?

According to "Mapping the Lives", my mother's
cousin, Dorothea/Thea BRINITZER SCHOENBERGER (b. 5 March 1896,
Lauenberg, Pomerania) emigrated >from Berlin to England after the 1939
census was recorded.

Another cousin, Henny STECKEL (b. 19 Nov. 1898, Neustadt bei Pinne,
Posen) emigrated to England on 26 June 1939.

Dorothea's husband, Dr. Kurt SCHOENBERG died in Auschwitz.
I don't see any of them listed in the JOWBR or the Yad Vashem database.

Ancestry lists a Henny STECKEL (no birth date) who married Oswald
BIRKBECK in Lewisham, London between July and September, 1946. Her
British voter records end after 1949. I have no idea whether this is
the same person as my mother's cousin.

Any suggestions would be welcome. I'm going to send similar
messages about other cousins who emigrated to Chile and Bolivia.

Thanks very much. Ruth Nadelman Lynn, Lexington, MA lynn33@...

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