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my mother's friend >from Frankfurt has been a Mrs. Eugenie LEBACH-MAINZER
who came >from Heppenheim/Bergstrasse. She was married to Ernst LEBACH
( 1879-1935). The family lived in Nahariya Israel >from 1933 on. Mr. LEBACH
has been an engineer and worked in P. mostly for the building of roads.

Before he was working >from 1920 - 1930 in Iraque and other countries in
the Middle East.
I read Mrs.E.LEBACH-MAINZER worked in Nahariya in a lab worker and want
to know in which company she worked.

ps: Mrs.LEBACH's American address has been : Forest Hills 75, Queens
N.Y.,111-45, 76th Drive

Thanks for your informations and Kind regards

Hansmartin Unger, St. Gallen, Switzerland @BOXE

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