Re: German Jews who emigrated to Bolivia #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Dear Ruth,

there is a "Studienarbeit" by Julius H. Krizsan "Fluchtziel Bolivien
1933-1945; Eine Materialsammlung (in German)" (undated, but possibly
2009) that was accessible through the GRIN publishers with the ISBN

As far as I know this is a kind of shady publisher
that specializes in publishing B.A./M.A. theses on demand that "normal"
publishers would not do.

I have a full printout. It contains an introduction with a timeline
of emigration into Bolivia and data about Jewish emigration and life
in Bolivia (6000-7000) and a alphabetical list of persons the author
has data about, particularly >from Austrian sources and survivors.

There is no entry for KANN or RACHMIEL. Further information is possible.
A certain Mail order company claims to have one copy left.
With kind regards
Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

Am 26.10.2018 um 21:49 schrieb Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Does anyone have a suggestion for finding information on Jews who
emigrated to Bolivia?

According to "Mapping the Lives," my mother's cousins,
Heinrich KANN (b. 28 June 1886, Lissa, Posen) and his wife,
Paula RACHMIEL KANN (b. 2 Aug. 1891 or 1894, Pinne, Posen), emigrated
from Berlin to Bolivia after the 1939 census was recorded.
Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks very much.

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