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Phyllis Blumenfeld

I have a manifest for my grandfather Feivel BERNSTEIN leaving Hull, England
via Liverpool on the way to NY on Aug.27, 1886 on the SS Hansa going to NY
and I assume this is Castle Garden.

He is 33 yrs old >from Przsnyz yet I cannot get his arrival in NY. When I
call Ancestry they tell me this info is not available. I have tried Stephen
Morse one step and get no info.

Yet I was able to get the Castle Garden manifest for my grandmother >from a
very kind member of Jewishgen under similar circumstances.
Can someone tell me how I can get this? I am a member of Ancestry which is
a must to use Morse's Castle Garden arrivals.

Completely puzzled why one is available and the other isnt.
Please answer privately......Thank you.

Phyllis Blumenfeld
in Manalapan, NJ

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