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Meron Lavie

Hi All,

I know that the OP requested private responses, but since my search story is
of general interest, I decided to respond here as well.

I immediately looked up "Feivel BERNSTEIN" in the site,
and found nothing. I took a guess that a clerk would have no problem
spelling BERNSTEIN, but would have trouble spelling Feivel, so I tried "F*
BERNSTEIN" and up came "Feinel [sic] BERNSTEIN", within the expected time

Now, the Castle Garden site has no images. So I decided to look up "F*
BERNSTEIN" in - to no avail. So I started looking at their NY
Ports collection for the date and ship I got >from Castle Rock. There was no
"Feivel BERNSTEIN" on the ship according to the text manifext. My next move
was to look at the actual manuscript in the old, faded handwriting
(children, don't try this at home without adult supervision). Indeed, there
was Feivel, except in the text manifest he was listed as (hold on to your

"Samuel LEONARD" (!!!)

So we had both "Samification" at play here, as well as an out-and-out mistake.

Mystery solved - and I have already submitted a correction to the site for Phyllis' benefit.

I guess Matzos are good brain food...


From: Phyllis Blumenfeld [mailto:feigele1@...]

I have a manifest for my grandfather Feivel BERNSTEIN leaving Hull, England
via Liverpool on the way to NY on Aug.27, 1886 on the SS Hansa going to NY
and I assume this is Castle Garden.

He is 33 yrs old >from Przsnyz yet I cannot get his arrival in NY. When I
call Ancestry they tell me this info is not available. I have tried Stephen
Morse one step and get no info.

Yet I was able to get the Castle Garden manifest for my grandmother >from a
very kind member of Jewishgen under similar circumstances.
Can someone tell me how I can get this? I am a member of Ancestry which is
a must to use Morse's Castle Garden arrivals.

Completely puzzled why one is available and the other isnt.
Please answer privately......Thank you.

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