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Arnon Hershkovitz

Hello, Dear Colleagues.

Only recently, after 13 years of research, I found a piece of evidence
suggesting my great-great-grandparents, Haim Leib and Zina WOLKOVSKY,
were living in Izmayil, Ukraine (formerly in the historical
Bessarabia) in the mid 19-th century. Later, in the mid-late 19th
century, the family had moved to Galati, Romania, and >from there their
children immigrated to USA and to Israel.

I can only estimate that my great-great-grandparents, Haim Leib and
Zina WOLKOVSKY (other main variations include the American WOLKOFSKY
and the Russian VOLKOVSKIY), were born in the 1830s (as their older
children were born in the 1850s).

I've found a possible match in The Bessarabia Revision List Database
of 1848 for the following family:
Srul VOLKOVSKIY (b. 1797) was the head of a household in Izmayil,
living with his son, Yankil (b. 1810) and the son's family.
Yankil's wife was Perlya (b. 1812) and their children were:
* Khaim (b. 1833)
* Esther (b. 1839)
* Frima (b. 1842)
* Itska (b. 1848)

I suspect that Kahim, Yankil's son, might be my great-grandfather, as
the names of the above family members were common in my WOLKOVSKY

Searching Ukraine/Bessarabaia/Romaina-related databases in JG didn't
lead to any further findings, nor did searching other general
databases (e.g., Ellis Island immigration records, Yad VaShem
Holocaust records, general records).

Currently, my goal is twofold:
1. Finding descendants of the VOLKOVSKIY family >from the above
Revision List record;
2. Finding any information on any other WOLKOVSKY >from Izmayil.

As always, any help or hint would be much appreciated.

Arnon Hershkovitz
Shrewsbury, MA

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