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Helen Nash May

Hello all,

My grandfather emigrated >from the town of Volochisk in the Ukraine in 1910.
He left behind 2 sisters, his mother and brother and other family members.
In 1941, they were evacuated >from Volochisk to Kamishlov city (Sverdlov
County).They were still alive In the 1960's but because of marriage, the
Trugman surname was lost and I have been unable to find these relatives.

A cousin gave me some postcards and a letter. I have scanned the letter and
it is now posted on ViewMate #22861 and 22862. I would greatly appreciate
it if someone could take the time to translate it for me. It is my hope that
amidst these correspondences, a clue might appear to help me find them.

They appear on ViewMate at:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you so very much.
Helen Nash May
Researching Volochisk: Trugman, Pertzelai, Persily, Baron, Shilman
Lvov: Noschkes, Fetter, Messing
Buchach: Landes, Eisner

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