Memorial book of Jewishd doctors excluded from Berlin'sHealth service #germany

Yvonne Stern

A memorial book was recently published on the nearly 450 Jewish
doctors working in Berlin's health system and expelled >from working,
in consequence of the "Berufsbeamtengesetz", the "Law for the
Restoration of the Professional", of April 4th, 1933

Book details;
Susanne Doetz , Christoph Kopke
"und duerfen das Krankenhaus nicht mehr betreten"
(and are not allowed to enter the hospital anymore)
Hentrich und Hentrich Verlag Berlin
ISBN 978-4-95565-031-5

I have no affiliation with the authors or with the editors.
My interest in the book stems >from the fact that since 1827 (that is,
190 years ago) there have always been doctors in my family
including the pediatrician quoted in the book.

Yvonne Stern, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil yvonne.stern17@...

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