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Meron Lavie

Hi Allan,

from my experience, immigrants of that era didn't care all that much about
their English names. I've had relatives change their English names several
times. In fact, my grandfather, born "Sollie" (we assume it was short for
"Solomon") eventually became Saul. I would give far more credence to the
Hebrew names on the tombstones.


Oranit, Israel

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Question: Is there enough information to call them brothers?

I just received a copy of Morris PERSKY's (born 1868) death certificate.
His father's name is "Saul" which does not match any info I have on his
supposedly brother's Joseph PERSKY death certificate . Morris PERSKY's is
mother's name is Celia. My great uncle Joseph PERSKY's (born 1864) death
certificate, which is transcribed >from funeral home reporting- not actual
copy, shows "Ceral" for mother and "Sasfra" for father. I think Morris's
mother "Celia" is a good match to my great uncles' mother, but I don't know
how you can get "Sasfra" and "Saul" as a match....

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