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Nurit Kraus-Friedberg

Hi, Genners,
I'm researching a relative whose application for citizenship indicates that
his birthplace in 1900 was Marinovka. His last residence is shown as Odessa
and he left Europe for the US in 1923 >from Libau.

I've never heard of Marinovka and the Jewish Gen Gazetteer gave me quite a
number of hits, mostly in Ukraine, some with an identical name and some with
names that were "close". How do I figure out which one is the correct one?

I'm thinking that the most likely ones are the following:

Maryna, Poland: near Suwalk, 54°06' N 22°44' E

Maryniów, Marynów Poland 51°14' N 23°00' E

Marinovka, Ukraine 46°46' N 30°32' E near Odessa

I chose the first two because other members of the family come >from those
areas, and the third one because it is near Odessa, his last residence
before emigrating.

I'd appreciate hearing >from anyone who has had experience with any place
name that resembles Marinovka. Also, I'd love to hear >from anyone with
ideas on how to figure out which Marinovka is the correct one.


Nurit Kraus-Friedberg

Brooklyn, NY

Researching: FRIEDBERG/Grodno, Sokolka, NY, USA; BELKIN/Grodno, USA;
REICHER/Strzyzow, Mosciska, Israel, Canada, USA; TYM/ Strzyzow and
surrounding area; SUMBERG/Vilkaviskis, Minsk, Mikulintze, USA

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