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There is no such thing as a translation of a name. People may choose
names that sound similar, or have the same initial, but there is no
absolute rule that Jewish and secular names must "match" in any way.

Phyllis is no more Tziporrah than Jennie. and Tamas has no real
connection to Shlomo, but those are my given names. (and some people
have non-matching biblical names, too.)

Tzpa sounds to me like a misreading (or miswriting) of tzippa. some
rabbis advise against nicknames or yiddish on headstones, but the
family often does put the name by which they were known.

"tanta" is yiddish, so her jewish name was likely tzippa (tziporah),
as on the hebrew inscription of her stone, and her english name was

....... tom klein, toronto

Phyllis Blumenfeld <> wrote:
My great aunt was called Tanta Tzippa all of her life and to me
that meant she was Tzipporah as I am. But her headstone reads Tzpa
bas Yaccov in Hebrew and on the English engraving is says Jennie.
Is this a Yiddish translation? I know that I am Feigel in Yiddish
and Tzipporah in Hebrew but have never heard of it being translated
to Jennie. As far as I knew, Jennie was Sheindel.

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