Re: Missing documents from Posen #germany


Hello Jeremy Lichtman,

My question is thus: assuming that those documents were ultimately
shipped somewhere, what would have happened to them? Were they
destroyed? Misplaced? Sitting in a back room of the Berlin archives? How
would I go about tracing them, assuming they're still extant
I found not expect that these documents are in Berlin. They would have
been found in the meantime - more than 70 years. The Polish Archives
have very good databases and inventories, so I would expect to find them
there if they would be still extant.

In the end of the war and the first years after the way, many public
records and church records >from the former German eastern provinces have
been lost. In some cases, fleeing Germans might have taken them with
them, in most cases it seems that the records have been left in the
eastern provinces and have been distroyed in 1945/46 (by chance or with

Best records Tobias Kemper kemper@...

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