Re Need help to find the book: "Juden in Bedburg an der Erft" #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

It would be worth your contacting the Bedburg local history society

Geschichtsverein Bedburg
Eichenweg 7
50181 Bedburg

to ask if they are able to put you in touch with the author, Gerd Friedt
(born 1945 according to Google), or if they know where a copy of the
book can be sourced (just possibly in a local bookshop?).

GF has also written or co-written a number of books on other Jewish
communities and cemeteries in the area
In case of need you could consider approaching one of the relevant
sister societies, such as that in Bergheim -

Peter Lobbenberg, London, peterlob@...

Steven Marc Jaron sjaron@... asked for help obtaining a copy of a Jew=
ish Community History book.
"Juden in Bedburg an der Erft" by Gerd Friedt.

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