Klara STEINWEG in Unna #germany


Dear gersigs,

I hope you could help me to find informations about the following Person.

Klara Steinweg was Born 18-Mar-1903 in Unna to I. Steinweg. He was
banker. I don=C2=B4t know the Name of the mother. she married twice a F. W.
Schulte Buxloh and went to Gelsenkirchen.

Klara was 1909 in a private school in Berlin - 1910 till 1913 in the
Lyceum Bochum. 1913 in the Victoria school in Essen. She studied in
Munic Berlin ,and Goettingen 1926 in Florence. After the WW II she
lived in Florence again. 1972 she visit Germany and died in Westfalia.

I hope to get more informations About the parents. When and where did she d=


Mike Redel, Unna - Germany

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