JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Court Rabbi records and draft avoider records and Kretinga, Lithuania #general

Joyaa Antares

Hi Chana,

It would be worth your posting this message to LitvakSIG. Also, if you
haven't done so already, it might be worth your paying a visit to the
Telsiai DRG ( as they have a wealth of data
relating to Kretinga. (You'll also find some FEINSTEINs in nearby Polangen
amongst the Telsiai data). All Telsiai info eventually finds its way to
the All Lithuanian Database but takes about 18 months to get there

Good luck!

Joyaa Antares
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

MARCUS, DAVIDOFF in Polangen, Kretinga, Darbenai, Libau, Riga, Memel
SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, & Kolomyya
ZUNDER in Buckaczowce and Ivano-Frankivsk
KEMPNER in Berlin, Lodz, Warszawa and London
GERSON, SIDERSKY in Gumbinnen, Koenigsberg, Danzig, Berlin and South Africa

From: rachel rachel <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012

I'm trying to trace my GG-Grandfather who lived in or near Kretinga,
Lithuania, who was supposed to have been the only rabbi in a small,
Jewish-only Shtetl. (This is what makes me think he was near, not in
Kretinga. Kretinga was on my G-grandfather's immigration papers.) His
name may have been SHTERN.... [SNIP]

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