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Jeff Miller

I received wonderful help >from many and have thanked those who provided

I learned that the area has mostly two-family homes. One of the families is
listed at the address in question (my relatives) owned the property, and
the other rented.

Google maps or would show that the property was
a duplex.

It was pointed out by one respondent that in the April-June 2012 NGS
magazine of the National Genealogical Society was an article on the 1940
census, which described how the enumerators reported their findings based on
whether they found the family at home the first time they tried (sheets 1A
and following), or at later times (sheets 61A and following), or in
transient circumstances (sheets 81A and following); Joel Weintraub addressed
this in his post in the Digest yesterday.

Based on this, it looked like my family wasn't home the day the Census taker
came through, and so the renter appeared on the early pages, and my family
was reported later.

It's interesting to learn of the circumstances of my relatives; apparently
it was customary for families to get help in paying off their mortgages and
expenses by renting out part of their homes. Although I was aware of
somewhat parallel circumstances nowadays where people rent out their
townhouses, condos, and private residences, this is mostly for investment
purposes; my experience with the older generation was with much poorer
families that rented rather than owned their living quarters.

In the case of this particular relative, my relatives rented out one level,
probably the main level, and had been doing so at least since 1935. The
family that was renting was paying $50 per month rent to the owners, a bit
of a bargain considering other rents on the same block ranged >from $55 to
$60 per month. The renter head-of-household was a clothing cutter in a
clothing shop. The owner was a manufacturer in the clothing industry. I do
not know whether there was any family relationship between the owning and
renting families, or whether the renter worked for the owner, or whether the
owner and renter had some other connection such as being >from the same town
in Eastern Europe (i.e., Panevezys, Lithuania).

Jeff Miller, Maryland
GLASS, SPEKTOR/RABINOVICH >from Panevezys, Pumpenai, Vilijampole, Seta;
MLYNARZ >from Ostroleka Poland: FREIDER, FRAIDER >from Kuzmin, Ukraine

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