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Nicole Martin <nmartin81@...>

I am looking for my great grandfather's family. His name is Louis HORWITZ
b. 1887 Taurage. He immigrated to the US around 1904 following his older
brother Jack.

It is family rumor that Jack changed their name >from ABRAMOVICH to HORWITZ
upon entering the US but we have no confirmation and cannot find documents
of their immigration under either name.

Louis listed his parents as "Morris and Ida Horwitz" on his application for
a ssn. Louis and Jack were the only boys we knew of. Louis mentioned having
several sisters back in Lithuania who never came to the US.

Louis once mentioned that much of the family died in a fire. People have
assumed that since this story was told after WWII that is was the Germans
but I am open to other possibilities.

There is another rumor that one of the sisters (or one of her daughters)
immigrated to Israel.

Obviously, all of these given names have been Americanized. I am hoping
somewhere out there someone knows of this family. Please let me know if you
have any leads.

Thank you,

Nicole Horwitz- Martin
Alameda, CA USA

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