JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Finding Cities of Origin when only know country is Russia or Romania #general

sharon yampell

I toohave run into this issue with some of my ancestors many times
and event it was a matter of did they come fro Kiev itself or
somewhere within the Kiev gubierna like Bela Czerkov (sp?) and it
was not until I found other parts of the family with records that
showed they were not >from Kiev itself...
Look for other families with same last name who could be >from a
branch you never knew about and reach out to them and express to
them that you think there could be a family connection. I am
currently doing that with a woman in Illinois because her family
with the same last name of my great grandfather came >from Bela
Czerkov(sp?) like mine did, we have a lot of common first names
and they lived in Chicago whereas my great granfather and his
sister had families in Milwaukee.
We are trying to see if we can find the common link.
Sharon F. Yampell
Voorhees,NJ USA
Researcher 128890

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