Rabbi Moyse Aryeh schwabach #germany


Dear all,

As per French death registration on May 19 1808 in Bischheim, Bas-Rhin,
France, Rabbi Moyse Aryeh SCHWABACH

married with Malka SCHWABACH (geboren SELIGMANN) who died at 65 years old,
had as parents Hirsch MANHEIM and Merle.

[Mod. note: the cited website is in French. My Chrome web browser
gave me a pretty good translation.]

I see on MyHeritage that the parents of Rabbi Moyse Aryeh SCHWABACH would
be Naftaly Hirsch KATZENELLENBOGEN married to Merle Katzenellenbogen
(geboren BERLIN), Naftaly being the son of R' Moses ben Shaul

Are Hirsch MANHEIM and Merle the same persons as Naftaly Hirsch
KATZENELLENBOGEN married to Merle Katzenellenbogen (geboren BERLIN) and if
yes does anyone has the proof ?

Thanks, Joelle Meyer joelle.meyer24@gmail.com

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