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Jack Hubert

My name is Jack Hubert and I have been a member of Jewish Gen and the
German Special Interest Group for many years. One part of my family
history seems to have been lost.and hopefully the members can help
me reconstruct the missing data. or point me in the right direction.

Bonfet HUBERT born in Cronheim Germany 11/12/1813 died in Cronheim 5/16/1885.
His parents were Low Sechel HUBERT and his mother was Hindel.
His wife Frommet Hubert born in 1824 passed in Cronheim 5/18/1862.
Her parents Nathan HUBERT and Maria STAMMBAUM.
The children of Bonfet and Frommet were:
Loew born 5/11/1847, born in Cronheim.
Isaac born 11/14/1848 died 7/24/1849 in Cronheim
Fanny born 10/6/1850 in Cronheim
Regina born 1/19/1852 died 2.13.1852 in Cronheim
Helena born 3/27/1853 in Cronheim
Regina born 2.18/1855 in Cronheim
Zilli born 1/24.1859 in Cronheim
Abraham born 5/17/1862 in Cronheim.

I need to obtain Marriage Death and information on the generations
that came after many thanks.

Jack Hubert. jackhubert01@...

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