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Jerry Schneider <jerry.schneider@...>

I have hit a brick wall in finding birth and marriage records
supposedly in Philadelphia, PA.

According to her second marriage record in Ohio, Sarah FEDERMAN was
born about 1872 in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents were Jacob Federman
and Bessie LEFKOWITZ. I would like to find both the birth record of
Sarah and a marriage record for her parents Jacob and Bessie (or any
other record substantiating their whereabouts.

Also, Sarah Federman married Jacob EIMAS in Philadelphia PA around
1887. They had two daughters, both born in Philadelphia PA: Bertha,
born 21 Oct 1887, and Florence "Flora", born 15 Apr
1890. Unfortunately, I have found no records to substantiate this
information, If possible, I would like to get copies of their
respective birth certificates.

Although Philadelphia PA is identified as the place of births and
marriages, I don't know whether this is the city itself, the county,
or an adjacent PA county.

Any research assistance or recommendations are greatly
appreciated. (I have already sent queries to the Philadelphia
Archives and their limited, but expensive, search did not find any records.)

Thank you for listening.

Jerry Schneider
Burke, VA USA
Izbica, Poland
Zolkiewka, Poland

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