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Barbara Zimmer

Dear Genners:
Jan asked <snip> Can anyone shed light on patent applications -
specifically, are there
searchable records, how far back do these records go, and how long is
the period under which a patent is protected? Does it make sense to
anyone else that a patent application might actually be beneficial to
someone doing family genealogy?
Patent applications in the Univted States are available at
Select Advanced Search, put in the surname and then under "Keywords" enter
the word "patent". Then select "U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patents,
1790-1909" for results.

There are several benefits to genealogy. First, you can find out what kind
of patents were applied for and who applied for each one. Second, you can
find out where the applicant(s) lived at that time. One of my husband's
relatives invented several variations of thrashing machines. I have been
able to see the original applications on line, and was lucky enough to find
an original sales brochure for one of them at a state library, in full color.

For more information on patents and trademarks in the US, go to the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at

Barbara Zimmer
Virginia US

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