JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Searching for documents - Patent Applications #general


I believe the United States Patent Office has all its patents available
online, for free. Their web site is:


And you can navigate >from there to the search screen, or take this shortcut:


They include patents >from 1790 to present, and allow searching in various
fields, including inventor name and assignee name. Searching for "Fine" in
those fields turned up 2 hits.

tom klein, Toronto

P.S. I found a cousin, with whom we are not otherwise in touch, by
searching the records for some of his patents.

Jan Fine <> wrote:
... Can anyone shed light on patent applications - specifically, are there
searchable records, how far back do these records go, and how long is
the period under which a patent is protected? Does it make sense to
anyone else that a patent application might actually be beneficial to
someone doing family genealogy?

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