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Hello Jeri

Please see my article, "Kendlers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon Can
Now Be Searched Online Free of Charge," in Gen Dobry!, ,


pp. 2-3. The Article is accessible free of charge online in full-text.
If you look at 1033, Smolotel, under the letter "S" (page 1088 of the
original book), you will find no Smetchner, Bohemia. However, perhaps the
name was miswritten or misread. What about "Smetschitz, Bohemia"? If you
follow the string in Polish Roots to the Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate
vertretenen Königreiche ..., Volume 9, it will not work, so instead useönigreiche+und+Länder+Boehmen&source=bl&ots=N6hsB4Unyr&sig=m7iwreKJTIAaTq6B-nkGJ69CP30&hl=en&sa=X&ei=L0MNUOuWEsLZ0QHcgpz3Aw&ved=


Take a look also at Web Site with Databases for the Austro-Hungarian Empire
and Nuremberg, Bavaria,? East European Genealogist, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada: East European Genealogical Society, Vol. 19, No. 4, Summer 2011,
pp. 7-14. Review of <>, containing numerous databases of interest
to genealogical researchers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and continuing to grow.
See a list of databases added after the article went to press at

pp. 3-7.


Also, this man's death certificate or marriage certificate might give his
place of birth. The naturalization certificate might also give it. Have
you checked the ship passenger lists for his arrival? If you had
indicated where he lived in the USA, it might have been possible to
identify other resources.

Have you asked the cemetery what records they have for this tombstone?
Did you check to see how that website listed the gave
(if they did list it)? If the gave is not listed there, you should add it
in the hope that someone may contact you.

Please also see the URL below my name for other articles that might be of

Edward David Luft
Washington DC

Dear Genners: I have a relative whose tombstone states that he was born in
"Smetchner Bohemia". His date of birth was about 1832 and he died in 1888.

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